Visit Vancouver in a day

How to get a good night’s sleep in Vancouver

• A slightly cautionary note, this isn’t a sleeping self-help guide, but an example of how awesome and action packed it is to visit Vancouver…


“Breakfast started as usual; grab the bagels quickly before they all go and then find a seat next to the friendliest looking bunch of people I can.

The group at the table were mid discussion about a day out at Grouse Mountain to complete the Grind, a 3km trail but 1km straight up followed by Lynn Canyon – a Capilano-esque suspension bridge and waterfalls. With no plans of my own for my first visit in Vancouver, the offer to join in this was quickly accepted.

Hostel group hiking the Grouse Grind

Hostel group hiking the Grouse Grind

So, setting out from the hostel with my 4 new friends, and after a short drive around downtown we arrived at the foot of the mountain. Declining the opportunity to participate in some dynamic -stretching with a group of eager students, we figured our natural talent and fitness, ahem, would get us to the top. Right we were. The Grouse Grind, natures’ staircase, the only noise I could hear for the majority of the hour’s climb was my heart beating in my ears, my labored breath and the occasional mutterings from the group about drinking too much the night before. The views at the top make this effort all worth while, they are simply spectacular. Beautiful blue skies and a panoramic sweep over Vancouver and the lower mainland.

HHike Grouse Mountain Vancouver.

Grouse Mountain view of Vancouver with more hostel friends.


Best of all (well along with the beer and wings of course), there are bears at the top. Other than Paddington, there aren’t too many bears in London so this is pretty exciting. Sadly, it was a baking hot day and having recently enjoyed a slap up Salmon dinner the Grizzly’s were sleeping it off in the shelter of the trees and therefore relatively obscured from view. I shall be back next time I visit Vancouver!

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge with a few people hiking across in the sunshine

Don’t miss Lynn Canyon when you visit Vancouver (the free Suspension Bridge!)


Part one done, and getting down via the cable car, it’s over to Lynn Canyon we go. On crossing a very wobbly bridge and hiking down to the water, we found a spot next to a narrow gap with a plunge pool that people were jumping into from the rocks above. Glacial water. Sounds refreshing. It stopped just short of taking your breath away and at this stage I had only dipped my toe in. Being fully submerged suddenly didn’t sound so appealing.

Cliff jumping at Lynn Canyon with waterfall

Glacial water – sounds like fun!!

Peer pressure is a powerful thing however and up onto the rocks we go before jumping in … It was fantastic(ally) cold. So cold, and so much fun I was straight back out of the water, along with the others to jump in several more times.

After a hearty meal of poutine, it’s back to The Beaver at the Samesun with the others, while, I accept an invitation to go play some ice hockey. I don’t know this for sure, but I’m possibly the only non-Canadian, hostel staying gent to ever play hockey when they visit Vancouver.

Tired out at the end of this? You bet.

All good reasons to visit Vancouver? You bet.

Sleep well? You bet.”



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