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Danny is an Aussie backpacker who turned his traveling dream into a reality when he started working for the Samesun Vancouver hostel. Having so much fun living in the backpackers, he thought “why not get a job here!!”. You can find Danny serving our free breakfast downstairs in the morning & some times through the halls on his housekeeping missions. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Vancouver is a beautiful, leafy city. There are parks everywhere; mid city suburban blocks with canopy trees; a forest bordered by beaches on one side and city on the other; sky-punching mountains whichever way you look. The diversity is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

One place in Vancouver jumps to mind. A half hour bus ride – well, one sea-bus and one regular bus ride – from Samesun’s downtown hostel will take you to Lynn Valley, a Lynn Valley backpacking adventure tripliteral rainforest. The whole area is absolutely incredible. Moss slicks everything but the water, and the water rushes through, coming from waterfalls of every size. It’s the sort of place you want to run through pretending you’re in Lord of the Rings (if you’re into that sort of thing, nerd). That’s not why we went up there.

We went up with one of the guys from the hostel to help him look for his teeth (obviously). He’d lost them a few weeks earlier under circumstances that are still unclear to me. In any case, his teeth were in the water, we were there to rescue them. He had hired scuba gear (he’d never scuba’d before) and his plan was to swim down to the part of the water where they were, grab ’em and head on home for a pint.

We got to the valley and went over to where there was a safe spot to climb down. The safest spot was down a steep, muddy wall which was about 100 meters from the fenced off path. He suited up and set off while we tried to get back up the way we came (it took us about 20 minutes just to get up the mud-wall). We headed over to the bridge right above where he was looking and saw him floating, dead still, belly down. I honestly thought it was all over and that I was the last person to have talked to him! Turns out he was just in search mode, face down looking for his teeth. I’ll just type that again so it sinks in. He was face down, looking for his teeth. People were actually gathering around to watch this all happen. I’m sure a few even thought he was in there after the coins people had thrown in.

Lynn Valley boardwalk adventure tripHe didn’t end up finding them so he went to the pool that afternoon to practice scubaing, then bought weights so he could get right down in the water to search and went back the following day. Again, no joy.

Despite the fact that he didn’t find them, going up with him and the subsequent exploring beyond the mapped trails gave us a look at a lot more than we would have got to see otherwise. We looked up at all the tourists on suspension bridge from a gulley beneath. We sat and had a cigarette in – what is, or was in the past – a bear’s den. We got closer to the water than what’s recommended (or legal). We saw more rainforest than I’d seen in my whole life up until that moment, and we hardly moved from the entrance. There was enough for a full day exploring in the first little area. It’s an amazing place to visit and should be on the top of the list for anyone that is visiting Vancouver.