Trivia Night Banff


Get down to Wednesday’s Trivia Night extravaganza – where you can test your knowledge, have some laughs & learn a few new fun facts. We’ve got great prizes each week including passes to Banff Upper Hot Springs and merchandise from our friends at Molson and Big Rock.

Here are some sample questions from our Trivia Night in Banff:

  • What is the only fruit to have its seeds on the outside?
  • What colour is a number 5 ball in pool?
  • What is Chief Wiggum’s first name in the Simpsons?
  • In which US city did gangster Al Capone commit most of his crimes?
  • According to scholars, how old was Jesus when he was crucified: 18, 25, 33 or 37?
  • How do you write 2012 in roman numerals?
  • What is the biggest fish in the world?
  • What spirit is used in a daiquiri?
  • How many times has the Mona Lisa been stolen from the Louvre?


Can you answer these questions? Are you wasting your trivia brain sitting at home in front of Jeopardy where other people win the prizes!? Well, grab a few friends or just come down and join a team on Wednesday nights at the Beaver as Quizmaster Claire fills the bar with quizzical fun! See how much you know about: movies, music, TV,  pop culture, science, sports or geography. We give away terrific prizes every week and always have a great time!

Beaver Banff Trivia Night

Trivia night fun with friends!

It’s always a full house for trivia night in Banff – so get down early for a table!