Resources For Hostel Travelers

Here are a few of our best resources for backpackers and travelers.

Backpacking from youth hostel to youth hostel is often about living the carefree life, but putting a little planning into your trip will mean less stress later on. Samesun Backpackers always recommends getting travel insurance as you’ll want to be covered in unexpected situations. It’s also handy to know the best ways to get around so you’re not wasting time getting from point A to point B, whether it’s from LA to Vancouver, or just across an unfamiliar town.

Here are some of our friends in the backpackers hostel industry that we’re sure can help you out along the way as you travel.

Need travel insurance?

Nomads-Insurance-IconSamesun Backpackers recommends World Nomads

We don’t like to think about things going wrong on holiday, but if there’s an medical emergency, or you need to cancel due to an unexpected event or your baggage gets stolen, you’ll want someone to have your back. Travel insurance will give you the peace of mind that during the worst situations, you’ve got someone to turn to.

World Nomads is one of the most trusted travel insurers in the world and is recommended by Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. They have good rates, great customer service and even have a donation program to helps communities in developing countries.

Outstanding tax returns?

Need to do your overseas tax return? TaxBack make it easy!

Don’t leave your taxes incomplete when you continue on your travels. If you worked in Canada as a resident or on a working visa you could be entitled to a rebate (an amount that could even buy you another plane ticket!)

Have you worked in Canada on a working holiday visa? If so, you can claim your Canadian tax back. Apply for your Canadian tax refund with and you could get back an average tax rebate of $904. TaxBack make sure you get back the maximum Canadian tax refund legally available.

Apply for your Canadian tax refund today.



Moose Travel Network are experts at providing travel resources which includes their backpacker tours of Western Canada.Canadian Adventure Tours with Moose Travel

The Moose Bus offers awesome adventure tours that get you off the beaten track in Western Canada. If you want to explore regions like Vancouver Island, Whistler and The Rockies then Moose Travel are the best option to get you there. Tours range from 2 days to 14 days and are a great way to meet other travelers.  It’s always a fun vibe on their small buses of 12-22 seats and their passionate guides will make sure you have a blast. There are loads of free activities each day like swimming, hiking, sightseeing and wildlife spotting then once in a destination you can choose from a range of adventure activities like bungy-jumping, whitewater rafting and zip-lining.

Buses depart from Vancouver & Banff multiple times per week from April – October.

Check them out here:



Recommended hostels in Canada

Backpackers Canada offers travel resources for any backpacker looking for current information on all hostels.

Visit for a comprehensive list of Canadian hostels that will host you in some of the most incredible places across the country. Whether you’re looking in remote northern areas or exploring the cities of Montreal to Vancouver, this site will be the best resource you’ll need.

You can search by town name or explore different regions on a map. There is information on each hostel’s facilities, contact information and details on directions.

Check out to find more hostels across Canada.