Thrift Store Party Vancouver

Inspired by our recent backpacker blog on budget travel, we’re hosting a Thrift Store party in Samesun Vancouver’s backpacker bar – The Beaver!

We know funds are tight when you’re on the road & finding budget activities are a must for backpackers wanting to have fun. Samesun hostel’s activities host will lead a group of guests through a fun thrift store culture crawl to find the cheapest party outfits. With the theme song Thrift Store pumping, we’ll show you some of Vancouver’s cheapest clothing stores and pop some tags until we’re covered in faux-fox shawls, wearing moon boots & grandma’s sparkly glasses.

Head back to Vancouver’s best backpacker bar for cheap drinks (hostel guests that come on thrift store hunt get 20% off that night) & parade around your finest finds. There will be prizes for best outfit find – so get thrifty & show us your budget get-ups!