Beaver Vancouver

1018 Granville Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 1L5


Vancouver’s best food & drink specials & nightly events


The Beaver Lounge in downtown Vancouver has great backpacker drink specials with something for everyone. Locals & travelers will enjoy these tasty & cheap drink deals in the heart of Vancouver’s entertainment district.

We’ve got super cheap food & drinks for our traveling buddies who want to keep to a tight budget. And to our local friends finishing work downtown, drop by and unwind with our cheap and cheerful specials menu.


Roast Beef Special Vancouver 2015.DINNER SPECIALS from $5.99

Does this look special or what?

Join your backpacker family every Sunday night for The Beaver’s famous Sunday Roast Dinner served with roast carrots, green beans, creamy mashed potatoes and a delicious, juicy cut of roast beef covered in red wine gravy. Sunday is the special of all specials, and can be yours for only $6.99.

Dinner specials Monday to Saturday are only $5.99 and offer dishes like tacos, shepherds pie, chicken Caesar wraps and sliders.

Dinner specials available from opening at 4pm until all sold out!!




Monday food and drink specials.


DRINK: Beers $4 • Shot Wheel Spins $4

EAT: Tacos $5.99 – Two soft shell beef tacos served with corn chips and house made salsa.



Tuesday food and drink specials.EVENT: Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament hosted by Jolly Brain Productions

DRINK: Beaver Brew Pitchers $13.75 • Long Island Iced Teas $4.25

EAT: Roast Beef Roll $5.99 – Shaved roast beef covered in gravy on a toasted bun with house fries.



Wednesday food and drink specials.


DRINK: Russell Pale Ale $4.25 • Wine Glass $5.75

EAT:  Spaghetti Bolognese $5.99 – Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and Parmesan cheese.



Thursday food and drink specials.

EVENT: Trivia Night

DRINK: Russell Seasonal Beer $4.25 • Beaver Brew Pitchers $13.75

EAT: Sliders $5.99 – 3 homemade beef patty sliders with chipotle mayo, served with house fries.



Friday food and drink specials.EVENT: Hockey Night in Canada

DRINK: Double Highballs $6.25 • PBR Cans $4.25

EAT: Chicken Caesar Wrap $5.99 – Crispy chicken, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, bacon and Caesar dressing.


Saturday food and drink specials.


DRINK: Blood Alley Bitter $4.75 • Sex on the Beach Cocktail $4.25

EAT: Shepherds Pie $5.99 – Ground beef and vegetables, baked with mashed potatoes and cheese on top.



Sunday food and drink specials.EVENT: Beerio Cart w/ Nic

DRINK: Double Caesars $6.25 • Moosehead Glass $4.25

EAT: Roast Beef Dinner $6.99 – Home-style roast dinner with roast vegetables, mashed potato and gravy.