Sunday Fun Day Banff

Sunday is Fun Day in Banff! You haven’t really experienced our little mountain town until you’ve gotten amongst a Sunday Fun Day! Every week, as the Calgarians speed along the Trans-Canadian, through the foothills and back to their concrete jungle, the Banff locals come out of hiding and reclaim the town! All the bars and clubs enjoy packed dancefloors for the last 2 hours or so before close.  So come down to the Beaver Bar and start your night off right! We offer our famous roast dinner for only $6, that brings people in from all over town who want to line their stomachs for the big night. We also offer $4 Agwa Bombs to give you that special buzz for the dancing ahead. Once your bellies are full and you’re flying high on Agwa’s suite of stimulants, what you do next with your night is up to you. Drink with us for a while and  head out to the clubs once they get pumping around 11pm, or just stay with us and drink cheap until 2am. Either way, we’ll show you a good time.