Stellar Radio Choir Return to the Beaver















There were few things that would have kept me from going to bed early Sunday night. My hangover from the night before was immense. All I wanted to do all day was head back to bed. But some very talented musicians from BC managed to keep me up until closing time of the bar, once again. Stellar Radio Choir played in the Beaver East once again (for the fourth time).We’re pretty chuffed that they continue to stop here on their tours even as they become a bigger name and could book bigger venues.  They also introduce us to great new acts every time they come; in the summer it was Mobina Galore, this time it was Devon Coyote

From the moment that Devon started playing I was hooked and from the expressions on the faces around me, my reaction was shared by the rest of the bar. And while my hangover was far from cured, relieving it was suddenly less important than staying for the show. An Agwa Bomb and a few Beaver beers later, Stellar Radio Choir took the ‘stage’. By ‘stage’ I mean the area the bartenders clear out for the bands to set up. There’s not a lot of space in our little Beaver for them to set up, especially when they bring as many guitars as these guys, but that’s part of what makes these shows so great, and keeps these awesome bands coming back. And I can’t wait to see Devon Coyote play again when he comes through with Malibu Knights on May 15th.