St Paddy`s in the Beaver East

It’s all a little hazy, but from what I can recall, St Paddy’s Day in the Beaver East was epic. Everyone was in great spirits and in the mood to party hard and drink green beer and Agwa. I think a lot of people showed up drunk to their various jobs around Banff.

There was plenty of dancing after the Irish stew finished. Josh, the newest member of our maintenance team, got really into the spirit of the night when he allowed Em to paint his entire chest green. For some reason this inspired several other boys to take their shirts off and dance. I’m not sure anyone can explain that…Maybe it was in celebration, because it started shortly after Nick was named the winner of the coveted Big Rock snowboard. Nick wasn’t the only winner for the night, RayRay was very pleased with the Sex in the Outdoors book she also won in the draw and hopes to try out some of its moves this summer – and Banff’s just the place to do it. Steve and James won drinks for their enthusiastic dance moves and after an intense limbo competition the “judges” called a three way tie between Em, Ralphie and Caroline.

I’d relay more of the stories but someone gave me a Bacardi 151 bomb and everything gets pretty vague in after that.