Scavenger Hunt Vancouver

Put on your safari hats, grab your sidekicks & set off on an urban adventure of mammoth proportions!

It’s Vancouver Samesun’s Scavenger Hunt.


We have an amazing activity this weekend, so register your teams early at front desk and make sure you’ve charged your cameras, coz bright and early Saturday we have you running around downtown Vancouver in search of it’s best icons. You will explore some great works of art, discover some history & see some stunning views as you take our Scavenger Hunt Challenge.


Once each team has completed all the tasks, bring back the footage for a great slideshow in the Beaver later that night. You will then have collected all the photos you need to send home to make it look like you’re not just getting drunk in the Beaver everynight. Have a great time and win some prizes or just use it to explore this fantastic city.

Maybe swing past a thrift store on the way to collect a costume for……….



Ever dreamed of being in KISS? or perhaps being a groupie for Journey? Well now is your chance to live that dream! Costume it up and parade your finest rock & roll trash gear this Saturday!

It’s time to get dressed-up to get dressed-down! Get into you trashiest rock outfits to celebrate one of Samesun’s reigning trailer boys, Benny Hepper!

Benny has been hosting Trivia & serving your FREE breakfast for many years here in Vancouver and we wanna give him a big send off! And who needs a better excuse to get dressed up & act like a rock star.
So you can really fit the part, the Beaver has $4 Jack Daniels & $4 PBR cans! Now that will get the night rockin.


Don’t miss this epic day with the Samesun family.