The Beaver Bar hosts Stanely Cup Playoffs Games on Big Screen


The Vancouver hostel is definitely starting to feel the buzz of the first round of Playoffs between Vancouver Canucks and LA Kings. Staff and guests are getting into the Beaver Bar early to get a good seat in front of the big screen. Tonight we’re taking a big group of guests from our cozy accommodation on Granville Street, down to the hectic energy of Vancouver’s Rogers Arena. Sitting in the Beaver Bar now, i’m surrounded by some jerseys that look as though they’ve seen a decade of seasons and a bunch of shiny new jerseys from new Canucks fans. Anyone in a jersey should understand the serious implications of this time of year: hairy beards, broken ribs and the possibility of, well…..   lets face it….. another angry city.

People at the bar are filling up their jugs of Beaver and warming up their vocal chords by yelling at the TV whenever something comes on about the team in blue. To warm up the night, the Pittsburg vs Philly game is heating up and proving to be a series to watch.
We will keep you posted as the playoffs progress but now I must grab a pint and go grab the crew for the game. We are heading down early to watch the warm-ups from ice level and will do a quick tutorial for any guests unfamiliar with the worlds best sport.

Only thing else to say is…… GO CANUCKS GO!!