Mooses and mountains

Rolling back into Banff is such a pleasure as the mountain views get more and more impressive. My neck is sore from looking out the window all morning. Visiting friends in Vancouver was awesome and we had a great weekend at English bay….. but getting back to Banff is exciting! We have so many mountains to explore this summer!!

Coming up on the moose bus was so much fun. We hopped on in Vancouver and had a stop off in sunny Kelowna where we had a wicked salmon BBQ on the hostel patio then went for a bike ride around the lake. The next morning we were back on the bus and saw some bears!! so cool! The bus trip was great as the driver was really knowledgable about the surrounding landscape and stopped at some great look out points. We even did a lunch break at this water fall where we did a little hike. It was the best picnic spot with great views. Then just as the sun was setting I started to recognize the mountains around Banff and then we were there. Made so many friends on the bus and some of them are staying in Banff, others are continuing on the bus up to Jasper. Ill maybe hop back on the bus soon to go up the ice fields parkway to Jasper. Loved it!!

Click HERE to see a video of what an awesome Moose Bus trip looks like.