Live Music Banff – Daniel Sky


The Beaver Bar Banff is an intimate venue where the artist & audience can share music, feeling their hearts intertwined through sound & taste the sweat of enjoyment.


Daniel Sky Banff

From Daniel Sky’s Biography

A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sky’s love of Canadian landscapes from the prairies to the mountains, to the coast comes alive in his lyrical images and emotional melodies that capture the austere majesty and timeless beauty of both inner and outer landscapes.

“My songs tend to be about the search for personal freedom and self exploration” he says, “trying to find what I’m searching for and then finding my way back again, so the songs in a sense are like the string that Ariadne leaves for Theseus in the Labyrinth.”

As a solo performer or with his band, The Landlines, he delivers a heart felt and driven sound reminiscent of The Band, The Traveling Wilburys and Elvis Costello.


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