Killer Whales!

I get the chance to see a lot of wildlife between Banff, Kelowna and Vancouver. I still get excited every time I see bears, moose  elk, or the ogopogo (I swear I’ve seen it!), but my favourite, and often the most illusive, is whales. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to see the grey whale that made it’s way into Burrard Inlet.  I’ve caught a glimpse of them from the ferry to Victoria and on the Sunshine Coast along with otters and seals, but I’ve always wanted to see Killer Whales. And just my luck to be off hanging with with the elk in Banff for Canada Day (hard life, I know) when a few of them make their way into English Bay! 

So if you’re in Vancouver make sure you keep your eyes peeled. And if you want a guarantee of seeing Orcas or Whales ask one of us on the front desk to book you on a whale tour.