The Myra trestles Kelowna – Backpacker Blog

Searching for ghost trains through Kelowna’s abandoned Myra railroad trestles.



The rare forecasted rain didn’t stop us. The mornings thunder storm didn’t dampen any thoughts of not going up the Myra trestles trail. The dank smell of wet tent in the car after we hurriedly chucked it into the boot without a thought, trying to avoid lightening bolts didn’t hinder, for a second, seeing the wonderful views from the old railroad of the Myra trail, but it probably should have.

We jollied round the sharp corners of the vast vineyards only to come to a vertical dirt track, with a car pondering, and then sensibly turning back. The dirt was wet and the visibility was less than ten feet ahead because of the low cloud… But we’d already come so far and failure is not in our blood. Scrambling for grip, the pot holes became bigger and the road narrower, but we did not give up. The wheel spin was turning the rental car from pristine white to a heavy shade of mud. But we skidded our way to the trail head.

It was 2.8km to the first trestle. 2.8km of eerie woods and mist. The spiders webs were all too visible, coated in fresh dew droplets, and the sounds of animals ghostly floated through the air.

Through the mist handrails became visible, you couldn’t see barley 10 feet across. We stepped daringly a few paces on this rustic structure wondering whether it may fall at any point. The views were spectacularly grey, because we were inside a cloud, and that’s when it happened. The clouds broke apart and the sun beamed through, evaporating any mist in its way. And for a split, very small second everything became clear, what a sight.



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