Falling in love while backpacking


After 20 years in the backpacking industry & hosting millions of travellers every year, Samesun has seen many love stories develop between it’s walls (and probably on the floors too). Let’s be honest, that’s one of the reasons people love to stay in hostels – you get the chance to meet loads of people, all high on life ready to passionately celebrate… together.

Hello, where ya from” quickly turns into “meet ya in the pub” then turns into “can I get 10 shots of AGWA” then turns into…… “sorry about the noise last night guys“…..

kissing at a backpackers

Be ready for endless possibilities while backpacking

It’s a story we’ve all (unfortunately) heard before, possibly even experienced first hand. We’ve witnessed many romances develop in our hostels, from the rocking beds in Banff’s Rocky Mountains to sexy sunsets shared at Venice Beach. Often the budget backpacker dates start at The Beaver Bar over a happy hour jug & 2 dinner specials, filled with endless travel stories & laughter, only for us to find out down the track rings have been exchanged or there’s a Samesun baby on the way.


Here’s a few quick tips for hooking up while backpacking (& not pissing everyone else off):

1. The easiest way to ask someone “on a date” is to ask if you can buy them a drink in the local pub or Samesun’s own Beaver Bars. Find out when happy hour is on and you’ll save money as well as getting to business nice and early, leaving the rest of the night available for other developments.


2. If you’re feeling like you are in the ball park, check with the front desk about private room availability before you offer your date upstairs (just remember all guests need to be checked in so no bringing outside guests upstairs – keep it in house).


3. Be courteous to your room mates – if you need to use the dorm room, try doing it earlier in the night before people are sleeping, or chat to your room mates before hand and ask if they can give you half an hour (or 10 mins). Girls, remember this is not the time or place to be warming up your vocal chords – short, sweet and silent is the name of the game here.


4. Bring ear plugs – you’ll either use them or you can give them to your room mate.


5. Respect – yourself & your date. Know when is the right time to make your move, when you might be too drunk & always make sure it is mutual.



and then there’s true love…

Hostel love can be fleeting with many travellers just in it for a good time (not a long time). Others truly find the partner of their dreams. We can’t count on two hands how many little Samesun babies are scattered around the world uniting families from different corners of the planet (sorry grandparents for the extra travel) – and they’re just the ones we know about.

Recently we heard a love story from a couple who stayed at our hostels two years ago. After visiting from Australia during their 2 year working holiday in Canada, they are now engaged to be married. The fella, Brent contacted us and asked for some help with a little gift for his lovely lady….. click image to watch what happened.



Send us your story of falling in love while backpacking and you could win a free night in one of our hostels!