End of the World Party – Vancouver Backpackers

End of the World Party at Vancouver Backpacker HostelWhat would you do with your final days on earth?

P-A-R-T-Y with happy, carefree backpackers at Vancouver’s coolest party hostel!

As with many dates before, there has been a lot of speculation on predicting the end of the world on this Dec 21st! From the Mayans calendar ending, to the Cold War, Y2K, The War of the Worlds and recent nuclear armament of some slightly angry countries – the End is a possibility that will always loom over our heads!

What’s the best way to get through the uncertainty & fear?


Grab those new backpacker friends you found in your dorm room, ask the pretty girl from the kitchen to come join you & bring everyone down to the Beaver Barfor a hoorah that says – We stick it to your End of the World fear, we are going out in style! Time to party & make the most of every waking second!Join your fellow adventure seeking Samesun Familyfor a few pints, while watching apocalyptic films & snippets from The War of the Worlds soundtrack. No doubt 2am will come & go with no more upheaval than drunken stumbling down Granville Street but – who knows!We say enjoy – Party your backpacking hearts out and make every moment count at our End of the World Party Vancouer!!!