Backpacker Collector Cards

Backpacker Collector Cards


Get your exclusive Samesun Collector Cards right here! Final product will give you hours of fun swapping & trading with friends.

Become part of our hostel family & get a personal record of your time at the best hostels in Canada. These are a great Christmas gift idea to make for your friends, or send one home to your family!



Step 2

You will need an Iphone & Iphone Aps: Instagram  & Instacollage


Don’t worry, it’s really easy – just a few filters & 3 text boxes – 6 simple steps in 6 minutes.

Step 1:Take your profile picture with the Samesun Hostel in the background. Choose your photo in Instagram & add the EarlyBird filter. Position the photo with space at the top for the text. Now save that copy to your camera roll by clicking the green tick.

Step 2: Open instacollage and select the adjusted photo from the camera roll. Click the pink icon “done”. Click the “frame” button. You’ll need a plane frame and to play with the frame dimensions (there are three) – they need to be at 8, 20 & 7 respectively.

Step 3. Click the text button. Write your name in black capitals then click Done. Click the “BG” on right side & choose a white background. Manipulate the text box and text size so it looks like the one in the photo.  Click the X on the right to finish that text box.

Backpacker Collector Cards Step 3

Step 3

Backpacker Collector Cards Step 4

Step 4


Step 4. Add another text box by clicking “text” & “add”. Write “SAMESUN HOSTEL” in capitals & choose a RED color for the text by sliding over the color pallet. Now hit the “down arrow” to put that text below the image. Choose a yellow background in the “BG” tab on the right, & adjust the sliders to round the corners (as in example). Once happy with the size, close that box with the X.

Backpacker Collector Cards Step 5

Step 5


Step 5. Add the final text box by clicking “text” & “add”.

Write a description of the person, i.e. front desk, bar fly, house keeper, guest etc. The text color is black, no background and the text size small. Click the “X“ button to close the window.

Step 6. Click “share” in the bottom right & open in Instagram. Add another “EarlyBird” filter over the entire picture & text, then the picture is complete.


Now share it with your friends on Instagram & tag @samesunhostel – we’d love to see your final pics!