Canucks Specials Vancouver

The Beaver Lounge & Restaurant is the best place to watch the Canucks Games in downtown bringing you the best Canucks specials in Vancouver!

Biggest screen, cheapest drinks, great crowd, great prizes!!


Watch the Vancouver Canucks on the biggest screen on Granville Street, as well as another 5 huge flat screens & you wont miss any of the action. We have over 100 seats all with great viewing, from bar stool in the center of the action to 10 person booths with a private TV, there is always a spot for you and some friends. The Beaver Lounge & Restaurant & Russell Brewery have some great Canucks specials to make our Vancouver fans very happy!

Canucks specials in Vancouver

Watch the Canucks at The Beaver’s Big Screen for cheap drinks and the best Canucks specials in Vancouver


Now that hockey is back, we want every game to be a party. We’ve got prizes galore & great specials to get you involved & in on the action. When the Canucks WIN, so do you!!!

Here’s three reasons to watch the Canucks kick butt at the Beaver Lounge on Granville & how you can be a winner:

1. $5.95 Burger & Beer combo every day & we have the best value drinks around!

2. Play “Guess the score” and WIN – get your prediction in by the first period & you could be celebrating with some big beers at the final buzzer!

3.Win a FREE SPIN when the player on your table scores. Each table has a different Canucks player in the tablestand, & when they score you get a free spin of the SHOT WHEEL!!



The Beaver’s backpacker bar has the best vibe to watch local & international sports with our clientele from all over the world screaming & shouting like it was their home town. As Vancouver is the gateway to Western Canada, we are often the first impression that visitors get to experience Canadian hockey – therefor we make sure that the travelers know that WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!

From first puck drop of the season, The Beaver Lounge & Restaurant has the best game day Canucks specials in Vancouver – with prizes given out every time the Canucks score a goal! Be in the bar to win!