Canada Day Festivities

I’m still shaking the cobwebs out of my head from Canada Day.

It was a full day of events and marathon drinking. We started in the Beaver East watching Spain beat Italy, then we quickly moved out onto the patio to take advantage of the sunshine and the cheap bbq hot dogs. Meanwhile, Josh was running around putting the finishing touches on the parade float and gathering people to walk with it. I decided to hang back with my beer and watch the full thing. It’s amazing that a town the size of Banff had such a great parade, with several marching bands and some pretty cool floats. Other than ours, my favourite was Hoodoos night club’s float. It wasn’t so much a float as a bunch of people having a foam party in the back of a truck. 


After the parade everyone came back the Beaver for the unveiling of the new photo booth:

That’s when the real drinking began. Lauren set up a game of beer pong on the patio:


When everyone headed back inside Dave and Trish set up a dance competition, getting everyone out onto the dance floor (video to come). Lauren got an honourable mention for covering the most distance while dancing. Seriously, how do you manage to hit all corners of the bar 5 times during one song and never stop dancing? Pure talent. Leesa, with her undeniable skills, took the true win, and a spin on the shot wheel.

 Now, we were all excited to celebrate the birth of the great nation that is Canada but, more importantly, we had to celebrate the birth of The Beaver East. And Romina had thoughtfully baked a cake for the celebration


In true honour of the Beaver’s Birthday the boys did what they always do to celebrate. 

The only thing left to do was give away the Big Rock Longboard! With hundreds (thousands) of entries made by anyone who purchased a Big Rock beer in June, Trish pulled the lucky name out of the hat. The first name called was for not in the bar. Unlucky for them. And the second name was for Alex, a Beaver and Samesun regular who has just moved to Banff. He was as excited as I’ve seen someone in the Beaver since Nick won the snowboard on St Paddy’s. I think he may have kissed it… 


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