Solo but never alone – backpacking through Canada

Traveling by yourself and staying at SameSun couldn’t make any more sense!


I’m Brazilian, born and raised. I was about to finish my pharmacy degree when I decided to come to Canada to improve my English and travel. I wanted to do this before life got too damn serious. Nothing could keep me from doing this!

Everything was awesome in Toronto, where I spent the last 9 months, but was time to put on my backpack and see what the rest of this amazing country had to show me! But there was problem haunting me: would I be able to travel by myself? Cause one thing is easy when you know you have school and you’re going to look for a job; it will solve the problems about making friends. Another totally different adventure is putting some summer clothes in your luggage, saying goodbye to all the awesome people I had just met and leaving again into the unknown. Then I thought, “come on, I’m 24, I love talking and having a couple of beers.

It can’t be that hard, can it?”.

After a while all the planning came along. At first the tickets, then saving up, and last, but not least, a place to stay. I was almost booking a well known international hostel, just cause it seemed like my safest option, when one of my customers at the restaurant in Toronto told me: “no, if you want to meet people and have fun, you should definitely consider SameSun Backpackers”. I got home, checked online for the pics, the location and decided “this is the place for me!”.

Backpackers in Vancouver going to Granville Island on a ferry

Ferrying to Granville Island with my new friends


Time to pack, I was kind of nervous. When I got here, exhausted after a long night at the airport (another long story!), the gentlemen at the reception offered to bring up my luggage. Happiness was just starting.The moment I got to my room, I started talking to this amazing girl, from England. She invited me to go eat with her and showed me around. We walked and talked a lot. She was an amazing person who worked in Thailand for a while working with elephants and other big animals. Then we went for a couple of beers in The Beaver, the Canucks were playing on the big screen, and the excitement around was a relief, I felt like home right away! The next day, Kim, the English girl was leaving. So I sat at a table during the free breakfast with 6 random people. It was so easy to start talking, and before I realize, I invited myself to go out with 2 German girls. We went biking on Stanley park, then walked around Gastown, Chinatown and came back to a fun wine girls night at the pub next door. The day after we went to Granville island, a lovely place! After this 2 days, I just ended up meeting more and more people from different nationalities. Genna, from Australia, a girl with a bad ass scar that she got doing snowboard. A Canadian girl, from Nova Scotia, that was a tree planter (what the heck is that?), a girl who ran a half marathon just for fun, a French guy who told me that nowadays things are kind of hard back home, and so it goes!

Vancouver Backpackers in Stanely Park

Visiting the totem poles in Stanley Park

The thing is, even not being crazy adventure stories; I found out that traveling by yourself, doesn’t mean AT ALL that you’re traveling alone. As long as you have an open mind and you’re willing to try new stuff without prejudices, you’ll do just fine. Also, it’s an amazing opportunity of leaving your fears behind you and being free to do whatever you like, whenever you like. You’re not attached to any group, if you want to read, you read, if you want to go to the beach, you go to the beach. We just have one life to live, I don’t want to be the kind that regret just because I wasn’t courageous enough to try new things. Do you? Now I’m on my way to Quebec and Montreal. Can’t wait to see what is to come!

Ps: There’s just one problem about my story, I broke my phone this week, and it costs me 250 dollars to fix it. But while, sh** happens – the good memories remain!


Thank you to Fernanda for telling us about her experiences backpacking through Canada. We are always happy to see people making friends & planning adventures with new friends! That is the way to keep the world connected and create a big happy family. 


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