Backpacker Blog: Bear & barefoot in the snow

Backpacker Blog: Every end is a new beginning (traveler lesson #3)

I don’t know how to feel. I hate this feeling. I’ve got no idea how to avoid feeling how I feel. How to turn off the emotions. Another goodbye – and like every other, it makes me cry.

Australia- New Zealand – Fiji. Leaving Hawaii was not easier in the slightest. Non-stop 30 degree sunshine, white sand beaches, clear water and countless palm trees (of which by the way I am afraid of, since I got informed that more people die of falling coconuts than shark-attacks, what took away my fear of sharks but made me avoid standing under palm trees longer than the flight-time of a coconut).

On top of that there are all the nice people you meet when staying at a place longer than the famous flight of a coconut. Specially on Honolulu’s island Oahu, I had met someone I really liked (which is another story- let’s just say he was in the Airforce and we cruised around the islands in a Mustang convertible).

Again I felt sorry for the people sharing a seat row with me on the plane as my sniffing lasted all the way to Vancouver Airport and not even the extra cookies from the flight attendant helped.

(By the way I was not walking through Vancouver barefoot in snow)

The airport link train – I loved it. First row, my always barefoot feet put up, enjoying the view through the huge front window. One station later I was deeply asleep. If it wasn’t for the considerate man seated behind me I probably would have spent the next couple of hours going back and forth between airport and waterfront station, sleep-hugging my backpack and freezing my feet off (in some countries air-conditioning is actually useful; but why would you shock-freeze people in a train if there’s only 15 degrees Celsius outside?).
I enjoy walking through new cities by foot. That’s when I forget the 15 kilo backpack on my back and the eight kilo one on my front (which by the way is almost half of my body weight, don’t know when my clothes decided to get heavier with every day I travel or I decided to carry around five books)

Vancouver was one of those cities I liked the moment I took the first deep breath of air. Fresh salty air from the sea, mixed with a whiff of pine. The excitement of a new adventure which I had been waiting for and had known would come, kicked in. Was it the happy old man walking up and down Granville drumming non stop with his spoons, the grinning guy testing people with the amusing sign ‘Smile if you masturbate’ or simply the sight of the snow-topped mountains which beautifully embedded this city of so many more wonders I would soon learn about, I couldn’t tell. Vancouver was unique.

Happy to see the Samesun Hostel was in the center of everything, I walked in. Happier even to find that they still had vacancy. But happiest I was to discover that the door locker password was ‘taco’, my favorite food (the day after it was ‘bear’, my dearest animal, how can you not love this place??).

Faster than I could drop my bags I got to know my marvelous roommates and minutes later I found myself with them downstairs in The Beaver bar where with my first beaver brew beer (I was too young to even get into a bar in the US) we touched ‘Cheers’-, ‘Prost’- and ‘Salute’- glasses to some great times to come.

A few days later I had eaten my first Poutine, walked in snow, seen my first bear, jumped in a freezing cold lake and got my first Canadian cold.

Once more, I had fallen in love (…you know…with the place ;)).




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