Amazing Race Australia, Banff Style

Sunshine Village

I’ve just seen the previews for the Banff episode of the Amazing Race Australia, and I have to say it looks pretty hilarious. They seem to have represented Alberta well, with they essential activities of falling down while skiing, ice climbing and what looks like wood whittling on Lake Louise…. But I’m sure my favourite part of this episode (assuming I can stream it in Canada somehow?) will be them riding a mechanical bull at Sasquatch Night Club! Ahh, good times. I remember the first time I rode a mechanical bull… but that’s another story.  

I hope they’ve included an Agwa bomb drinking competition – that would be a true Banff experience.

So if you’re in Oz next Monday (or have access to streaming Australian TV), I hope you’ll join me to watch the show and see how accurate their depiction of Banff is.