AFL Grand Final Vancouver

It’s that time of year again – the boys are running around in short shorts and making wife beaters look, semi-athletic! We truly love AFL season and to cap it off – it’s the Grand Final!

Sydney Swans are going head to head with the Hawthorn Hawks (how’s the alliteration), and the backpackers are going nuts! This Friday night come watch Australia’s crowning sport and determine who is the best of the best (at footy that is!). This is a great opportunity to enrich the lives of Canadians that have been missing out on this great sport all their lives. No doubt there will be endless questions on which way the ball is going to bounce, and did that guys really just jump off his shoulders along with tears over the lack of hockey this year.


We will be serving super cold, super cheap drinks all night long – including $4 PBR Cans & $4 Fireball shots. If you really want to win you’ll grab a double highball for only $6.25!! Winner!!