Our Story

We are an international group of passionate travellers connected through the past 25 years of creating incredible experiences across Canada and USA. From the first meeting in a dorm room, to marriages and babies, our Samesun family keeps growing, and now you can be a part of it too! Today we have hostels in VancouverLos Angeles, Montreal, Banff, San Diego and Kelowna.

We believe in bringing the world together through travel. Travel unites us and expands our experiences of this big wide world. We hope that through learning about other countries, cultures and customs our guests will have a deeper appreciation for this magnificent playground we call Earth. 

Samesun Manifesto

“Samesun nurtures a global community through our travel and hostel network. We value kindness, inclusion and caring for the planet. By creating inspiring experiences, we aim to empower each of us to make small steps towards a bigger impact. ”

Our Values

We currently operate six hostels; from large cities such as Los Angeles and Vancouver to smaller mountain properties such as Banff. We put an emphasis on social travel, as this is what can really make a trip. It’s not the photos of the monuments that you take that create stories, it is the unexpected adventures, mishaps and evenings on the town with new friends that make a trip.

We encourage people to put down their phones and talk with the person across from them at one of our bars. We organize daily activities at all of our hostels. (COVID permitting!)

And of course, we promise to deliver, safe, clean and friendly accommodation. But we want you to leave our hostels with experiences and a love for the city that you are visiting more than anything. We want to help you see the world through travellers eyes.

The Samesun Family

Many of our management team have dedicated their lives to travelling, exploring new corners of the world, meeting fellow like-minded adventurers and bringing that energy back into the Samesun hostels. The amazing experiences from heading outside of your comfort zone and visiting places you’ve never been before are often shared between our staff and our guests. It’s all for the love of travelling!  

If you’re interested in what it takes to run a hostel, and who the crazy cats are, we introduce to you, the Samesun team!

Craig Kelley - C.E.O. and Founder

“Started this thing in 1995 out of a love for travel (and travelers), have been fortunate along the way with so many amazing staff and guests – very blessed’.

Sara Booth - General Manager Venice Beach

Sara has been part of the Samesun team for 11 years, starting as reception at the Vancouver location. In 2012 she packed up and moved down to Venice Beach (despite not being a fan sand or heat..)

Pete Edwards - Director of Sales

Pete hails from beautiful Vancouver Island. His childhood involved living in London and visiting family every summer in New York City. These two incredible cities fostered his curiosity for travel.

Julie Jamgochian - General Manager Ocean Beach

Julie landed in sunny Ocean Beach four years ago after travelling and living abroad for years. If you’re lucky, she’ll bring you some homemade vegan delights.

Douglas Venn - General Manager Vancouver

I have been with the company for 11.5 years. Started out as the assistant housekeeping manager and eventually worked my way up to the GM position.

Éloïse Brunet - General Manager Montreal

A born Montrealer, Éloïse takes care of our branch on the East coast. Ask her anything about Montreal and what’s to explore, she has the answer!

Jordan Conner - General Manager Kelowna

From Brighton, England. Loves snowboarding, exploring, mountains and nature. Making Kelowna an easy choice for home base.

Katy Emma Rice - General Manager Banff

From Wolverhampton, England – I came to Banff for the snow, but stayed for the pristine forests and turquoise glacial lakes. Banff is captivating and you’ll never ever forget it!

Tim Charter - Senior Vice President

Tim has worked for Samesun for the past 20 years. He has worked in every position and has helped open every location. He lives on Bowen Island with his wife, son, and daughter.

Tahj Townsend - General Manager Holywood

Tahj moved to Los Angeles from Boston 6 years ago. A true Bostonian who loves a good time, and always looking to help others find new ways to enjoy Hollywood.