The family

As you travel between Venice Beach, Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, and our newest hostel in Montreal  you may see these friendly faces popping around our backpacker hostels. We pride ourselves on providing the most fun & enjoyable hostelling experience, and as travelers ourselves, we understand what is important. Many of our management team have dedicated their lives to traveling, exploring new corners of the world, meeting fellow like-minded adventurers & bringing that energy back into the Samesun hostels in Canada. The amazing experiences you get when heading outside your comfort zone and visiting places you’d never been before are shared between our staff and our guests. It’s all for the love of traveling! We get it!

If you’re interested in what it takes to run a hostel and who the crazy cats are….  introducing the Samesun team!


Craig Kelley

from Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Position: El Presidente

What is your best traveling experience? That’s impossible to peg down to one memory… a bad travel day still beats a good day doing anything else!

What do you love about hostels? People are generally chilled out and enjoying where they are and what they’re doing, same goes for our staff. You don’t often see depressed faces hanging around a hostel, everybody is young or young at heart and enjoying life. It makes one feel good to be around and definitely beats going out and getting a real job.

What do you never travel without? For better or worse, my iPhone (although I also know when to leave it behind and make new friends and undocumented memories).

Samesun Vancouver Canada hostels manager, Pete, loves to travel..

Pete Edwards

from Victoria, Canada

Position: I’m generally just kept around for my sport talking abilities, while also loitering around the Vancouver location. I check in at a lot of airports.

What is your best traveling experience? Ending up on the slow boat to Zanzibar and realizing that the soccer game happened to be the Vancouver Whitecaps playing the Tanzania Lions. They all had a good laugh at the lone white guy cheering for his home team. The boat was pretty slow, pretty sure I saw people swimming past it.

What do you love about hostels? That it’s normal to be instant best friends over a beer with the person you just met in your dorm. Travel is the common denominator.

What do you never travel without? The will and desire to get outside of your comfort zone. And noise cancelling headphones.

Samesun hostels Canada graphic designer, Leni, at the beach.

Leni Koen

from Planet Earth – World Citizen

Position: Creative Director

What is your best traveling experience? Planning a 10 month solo backpacking adventure from Vancouver to Peru – and finding myself still in Vancouver over 8 years later (thanks to Samesun Backpackers!) Travel is life!

What do you love about hostels? The buzz of so many different energies makes it always an exciting place.

What do you never travel without? A smile – it’s the universal language that brings all people together. My smile gets bigger when there are hiking boots (so I usually pack those too).



Tim Charter

from St. Albert, Alberta

Position: Vice President & GM Samesun Vancouver

What is your best traveling experience? Chartering a sailboat to sail from Roatan Honduras to Caye Caulker Belize. Crystal blue waters, all inclusive rum and lobster, a dolphin pod following the boat, and no other vessel for miles. We loved our trip so much my wife and I named our son Roatan.

What do you love about hostels? The people, the people, the people. Everyone is on vacation and loving life!

What do you never travel without? My family, unless my wife and I need a break from our son.

Sara is the manager at the Samesun Venice Beach hostel in California, USA.

Sara Booth

from Vancouver, BC

Position: Venice Beach GM

What is your best traveling experience? Arriving in Brussels for Belgian Independence Day, unknowingly my two sisters and I set off on the self-guided walking tour. Fueled by absinthe and salami, we acquired an entourage and marched around the quite historic city for hours. And one point there was a baby goat, which was possibly the best part. 

What do love about hostels? The unlimited adventures, friendships & possibilities that happen when travelers get together in hostels.

What do you never travel without? Music and no excessive luggage.

Samesun hostels Canada Banff Manager is Hananh.

Hannah Woods

from Sydney, Australia

Position: Roving Hostel & Bar Manager

What is your best traveling experience? Road tripping across Australia with my big brother after I had just turned 18. We got to see some pretty quirky small Aussie towns and met some interesting characters. This is the trip that inspired many other adventures and was also the first time I ever experienced hostel life!

What do you love about hostels? The endless shenanigans that can be had and the best of friends that can be made.

What do you never travel without? a camera