A Welcome Home and a Farewell

A Welcome Home and a Farewell

My little sister is visiting this week on her way to Lebanon (yes, I’m crazy amounts of jealous about that, her life is awesome. Enough said) so we met up for dinner and a few drinks. It being Tuesday night, and us wanting to party on after dinner, I brought her to the Beaver for the epic welcome home drinks for a couple of Samesun’s prodigal sons, Luke and Clint, if you’ve stayed at Samesun or drank in the Beaver in the past 5 years you’ve probably come across one of them. It also happened to be Elaine’s final Open Mic night in Vancouver, so needless to say, we were greeted by several happy drunk people when we arrived.

Unfortunately, Luke and Clint didn’t do a romantic duet, but a couple of members from Elaine’s fan club did, singing a tribute version of her song “Missing You”. A few old faces turned up for the night too, and several local Vancouver musicians came to impress us with their song stylings, which is always a bonus in a the Beav. Elaine sang a few of her classics too, and got the crowd going. Her departure is going to leave, as she humbly says, “a gaping hole in Vancouver”. But don’t despair, she’ll be keeping Beaver East crowds warm in Banff all winter, which I’m pretty stoked about since I’ll be moving there in a couple months. So, if you’re in Banff in the next few months, make sure you stop in to say hi to us and ask her to play you a song. Well, see if you can stop her!

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