4/20 & Record Day – Vancouver


You are asking, what is up with that smell? – It’s  a little bit of vinyl & a whole lot of Marry-Jane!


4/20 – Marijuana Activism & Decriminalization Festival

While the term 4/20 was coined in California in the 70’s, the festival began in Vancouver in 1995, which makes it one of the best places in the world to experience this unique international celebration of cannabis culture. Head on down to Vancouver Art Gallery and join in the activities as thousands of people gather to light up, listen to some free bands and have fun! If you are wondering, there is police presence, however they uphold a non-enforcement policy on this event. The law enforcers are there actually to direct traffic around hazzy people stumbling into the streets whilst the food trucks gather round and make a killer profit from the afternoon munchy crowd.

Not every year do these two events clash, but it seems to be a pretty good fit! Vancouver will be a smiley, boppin place today – so let’s all do a sun dance & make it shine down.
International Record Store Day – The Music Nerd’s Wet Dream

A day set aside purely to celebrate the art of music. Ever since 2008 that’s what Record Store Day has set out to do on the third saturday of April each year. This is a great opportunity to head to your local record store, see some free live music, party with like minded fans and just appreciate music for what it is. So join us in the lobby at 1pm and we’ll head down to Neptoons, Vancouver’s oldest independent record store. Don’t forget to pick up one of the limited edition vinyls, only released on Record Store Day, while you’re there!

Enjoy FREE live music at the Art Gallery & on Main St all afternoon!


We came prepared – and have double stocked The Beaver Vancouver’s kitchen ready for music filled, red-eyed, hungry backpackers so jump in for a $4.95 dinner special from 4pm.