11 things you see in #TheBeaverVan


Drop by The Beaver Vancouver (or Banff) and you’ll likely see some of these familiar scenes. If you are new to the city and country, don’t worry, our friendly staff will give you good advice to get you off on the right foot. Whether you are staying at Samesun Vancouver or just dropping by for a quick pint, The Beaver Bar is one of the best places to make new friends in the whole city! Come by and meet The Beaver crew!

1. Travellers straight off the plane trying to figure out how much to tip.

Yep, Toonies, Loonies, Pennies and Dimes can get a little confusing when you first arrive - that's cool, we'll help you out!

Yep, Toonies, Loonies, Pennies and Dimes can get a little confusing when you first arrive – that’s cool, we’ll help you out! Photo Credit: http://goo.gl/tYZqsN

We see this a lot, and don’t worry, we’re used to it. There is always that table of excited travellers with a pile of toonies and loonies (what we call one and two dollar coins) trying to figure out what is an appropriate tip. It often happens that people cannot understand why our 10 cent coins are smaller than our 5 cents; we don’t know why either. To save you from being this table in Canada, tips are generally 20% for excellent service, 15% for good and 10% for poor.

2. A group which has just bought Canucks jerseys and are now cheering on as if they’ve been fans their whole life.

Trust us, we love this. New fans or old fans, we are all fans regardless. There is not much Vancouverites love more than the Canucks, so grab a jersey and cheer on our boys with us!

3. Someone trying his or her first Caesar.


You either love em’ or you hate em’, simple as that.

4. The bar fly of the season

Every season we have a long-term guest or local who comes into the bar almost every day. It is more unusual to see the bar without them than with them. You can probably spot this person on the same bar stool each day, sipping the same drink.

Our bar fly of the moment is our buddy Giles! If you’ve been in the bar any time during the past few months, chances are he was there. Next time you are in look out for him on the stool by the famous shot wheel!




5. A table of complete strangers likely becoming best friends

At The Beaver we often mix groups or solo travellers onto our large booths. This is almost always the beginning of some beautiful friendships. The Beaver is arguably the best spot in the hostel to make some new friends to hang out with in Vancouver and beyond! Next time you come in to The Beaver and one of our awesome hostesses asks if you’d like to join a table, say yes, because chances are it’ll be the start of a great night.



6. A lively group coming back from the hostel activity

Everyday the hostel offers exciting activities such as hikes, visits to museums, events and more! One of the best things about these activities is the 15% discount you receive at the bar for attending. When you see a crowd of people flock into the bar chatting and smiling, they are probably coming back from a great activity. The hostel activities are an awesome way to see the city, make friends and get some cheap drinks!



7. Token Vancouver locals

It’s true! We do have locals come to The Beaver! There aren’t as many locals compared to the huge numbers of backpackers who come in, but chances are when they do, they are ex-travellers! These locals are probably fueling their FOMO by surrounding themselves with travellers like you. So trade your travel stories for Vancouver tips, you know you’ll be getting great advice.


8. A staff table

It is extremely rare to have a night without a Samesun staff table. That loud, singing, laughing table in the corner booth is probably our awesome staff. Don’t be scared to go say hello to a friendly face that checked you in, served you breakfast or cleaned your room – we are all travellers too.StaffTable


9. A group just about to begin a ski season or just coming back

From September to November The Beaver is packed with people heading up to either Whistler, Banff, Big White or any other mountain town! These groups are easy to spot. During the start of the winter season hordes of excited travellers flock to The Beaver to begin their Canadian dream. Listen in and you will hear constant chants of “Whistla!.” These groups are often our friends from The Working Holiday Club, and the majority are from Australia. When they come back full of stories and great memories they are slightly less lively and have slightly less money to spend, but are still smiling and drinking a Beaver brew!

10. The Jukebox Hero

Next we have our jukebox hero, a classic in The Beaver Van. Anyone who has drunk in the bar knows we have a jukebox where you can play any of your favourite tunes. Every now and then we have a person who loads it up with cash and begins a playlist of their favourite songs. This person probably ends up spending more on the jukebox than on their drinks. JukeBox


11. The shot wheel spinner

As I’m sure most of you are aware, we have a shot wheel; yes, a wheel you spin to get a shot. It is a super fun way to drink. Often we have a group that constantly spins the wheel. This usually occurs on Mondays when spins are only $4. Come spin it for yourself, you know you want to, just hope it doesn’t land on a prairie fire!