The Beaver Backpacker Bars

The Beaver Lounges have become infamous for pouring your favorite liquids at such an affordable price you will be swimming in no time. The Beaver love has spread across Western Canada, from Vancouver, BC’s Granville St. to Alberta’s, Banff Ave. location, and these hostels will never be the same.

The Beaver began in Vancouver back in 2004 giving BC a watering hole like no other. Many backpackers coming through British Columbia over the last 8 years have fond, if any, memories of a few affordable pints on the ground floor of the Samesun hostel. The last few years have seen a lot of transformation, hosting epic evenings over the Vancouver Olympics, many great hockey games & our recent renovations have turned this into one of Vancouver’s finest yet affordable place to drink downtown. British Columbia was founded on the Beaver… and we are keeping traditions alive!


The Beaver Bar in Banff, Alberta opened in 2009 with great response & soon became the locals favorite place to mingle with a diverse hostel crowd. Our cozy venue has hosted some of Canada’s best new musical talents, everything from solo jazz keyboardists to 10 piece reggae/ska bands. The Beaver Bar has gained recognition as Banff’s (literally) hottest new music venue with the cheapest drinks in town. To make the most of the beautiful Rocky Mountain vistas, we extended our licensed area to include our newly renovated patio so our backpackers can enjoy Alberta’s long summer nights.


The Vancouver Hostel Beaver Pub name is based on historical events.

And if you are wondering about the name…The Beaver? It’s not just a high school joke, it does have some historical significance. The trading of beaver pelts was instrumental in the pioneer front that helped develop British Columbia in the 1800’s. The trade routes through the treacherous Rocky Mountains & into BC were developed on a large part due to this commodity. There was also the S.S. Beaver – the first steamship to trade beaver pelts with the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Pacific Northwest. It then charted the British Columbia coast with the navy before becoming shipwrecked off Stanley Park when it’s crew got too drunk. A fitting story for our boozy little watering holes! (Come to Vancouver’s hostel to see the story of the S.S. Beaver displayed in pictures on the walls).


Both the Vancouver and Banff hostel bars are a great place for travelers and locals to come together in a fun, comfortable and always friendly environment. You will make new friends or possibly even fall in love as the story has gone many times before. Within these walls everyone is here to have a good time and we are always ready to make the next party happen.

We understand travelers are on a budget and locals like to search out those unique gems, so wherever you are from, The Beaver welcomes you.

Please come in and enjoy.

Visit The Beaver Vancouver or The Beaver Bar Banff.