Open Mic Banff

Open Mic Night in at the Beaver Banff has a cult following.  The institution was made famous by Ireland’s ‘Casey Lynch Project’ and continues strong with current host, Sam.   Locals and backpackers alike come to share their talents and drink their Thursday nights away.  The best part is YOU could be part of it!  Do you sing, play guitar, bang on bongo drums, recite poetry or juggle pineapples?  If so, why not come and win a prize for entertaining us all.   Our bar is an intimate little space, so if you’re a a bit jumpy in front of big crowds, then fear not!  It’ll just be a small gathering of backpackers, who, let’s face it, will cheer for anything after a few beers!   If you’re not musically inclined, feel free to drop by and watch the show!

It’s always fun.  Open Mic at The Baever Banff starts at 9:30pm and go as long as the talent will allow!