Samesun Manifesto

‘We all live under the same sun!’

The Samesun we know today began in 1995 as the dream child of Craig Kelley and Jeff Gusdal fresh off their own backpacker travels through Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Craig and Jeff had experienced the highs and lows of being backpackers and wanted to bring the benefits of economical hostel style accommodation to travelers in their home country of Canada.  Realizing that Canada lacked the same network of hostels they had experience abroad, Craig and Jeff opened the first Samesun hostel on Kelowna’s Bernard Avenue with a modest 18 bed accommodation facility. Expansion happened quickly over the next several years with a custom built hostel in Kelowna, new hostels throughout Alberta, BC and the Rocky Mountains, Banff, Vancouver, and most recently, a hostel in Venice Beach, California!

Samesun has come a long way from the first 18 bed accommodation facility, to now offering hundreds of beds in 6 hostels across Canada & the US. Samesun’s affordable backpacker hostels in Kelowna, Vancouver, Banff, Silver Star, Revelstoke, and Venice Beach give the traveler an economical way to explore Canada & the USA. Not to mention the addition of the Beaver bars in Vancouver and Banff hostels, the best place for a Samesun is a network of affordable backpacker hostels in Banff, Kelowna, Revelstoke, Silver Star, Vancouver and Venice Beach.backpacker to get cheap food and drinks throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Samesun has always been devoted to being a network of affordable hostels that is run and staffed by backpackers for backpackers. But they are more than just an affordable place to stay; they are a home away from home. A place where you can make new friends, get travel advice or inspiration, participate in local activities and party harder than you ever thought possible. More than anything, the Samesun Nation is a community of like minded travelers from all over the world. Whether you find us in the hostel common room or enjoying a Beaver beer in the bar, our staff and guests are always ready to share their stories with a new face or, even better, make new stories to share with the next new arrival and jealous friends back home.

The name Samesun refers to the idea that we “all live under the same sun”. It is important to the Samesun Team that we live by that fact by striving to leave the world better than we found it, and to create an environment where people are appreciated for themselves regardless of where they come from.

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